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Be mindful when selling firearms using any online sale portals. Organised crime groups are using these portals as a scoping mechanism to gather intelligence and identify gun owners. LRD are suggesting that if you do sell your firearm or parts on an online portal that you meet your prospective buyer at a Licensed Firearm Dealer (LFD) and not at your home. This will ensure that you maintain your privacy and do not fall victim to any unscrupulous characters that may use any information gained for nefarious purposes.

LRD would also like to remind us all that only VIC Police members (in uniform) can undertake firearm safe inspections. If you are approached by a non-authorised person,ย  please do not allow them entry into your premises and contact LRD's Compliance Enforcement Unit on the email address listed below.

[email protected]

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By Lisa / Editor, bbp_participant on Jun 08, 2022

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