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Practical (IPSC) Mini-Rifle

Practical Rifle, also known as IPSC Mini-Rifle, closely resembles practical competitions with pistols (IPSC and ICORE) and shotguns, but with a notable difference โ€“ it incorporates rimfire rifles chambered in 22LR.

The โ€˜Practicalโ€™ aspect of this sport sets it apart from many other target shooting disciplines. Unlike static disciplines where shooters remain stationary and engage a single type of target from a designated distance, practical shooting is dynamic. Each competition presents a unique course of fire, configured differently for each event and even within the same competition (stages).

These fun and fast-paced events feature shooting at various paper and steel targets (e.g., falling plates, steel gongs, Dueling Tree, Texas Star, etc.) placed at different distances and angles. No two competitions are alike. A typical match involves movement, rapid reloading, shooting from dynamic positions, firing through shooting ports and from behind barricades.

This style of shooting places a strong emphasis on speed and accuracy, both crucial factors in determining a shooterโ€™s final score.

At Oakleigh Pistol Club, you have regular opportunities to participate in Practical Rifle competitions. We welcome participants of all skill levels, offering a supportive and friendly environment with a lot of guidance and coaching support.


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