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Holster Qualification Course

The Holster Qualification Course is designed for shooters (sorry, no NORI or probation shooters) who want to compete in ‘holster requirement’ competitions such as Police Service Match, Service Match, IPSC and ICORE.


  1. This qualification is just the test component,
  2. It does not include practical instruction on using a holster,
  3. It is a prerequisite of this course that you have participated in at least 3 Service Match or IPSC competitions at OPC, this ensures that you have an understanding of handgun manipulation.


There are 3 main holster qualifications that you can attain. Pistol Australia, IPSC, and ICORE. Neither qualifies for the other, so if you plan on shooting different disciplines, you will need to do all three courses.

Though slightly different all 3 courses cover the same fundamentals of safe shooting.

The courses covers both theory and practical aspects of safely drawing and shooting:

  1. Standing Upright to the Kneeling Position
  2. Standing Upright to the Prone Position
  3. Standing Upright Behind a Barricade to the Right Side of the Barricade
  4. Standing Upright Behind a Barricade to the Left Side of the Barricade
  5. Standing Upright Behind a Barricade to the Right Side of the Barricade
  6. Standing Upright Facing Down Range (180 degrees)
  7. Standing Upright Facing Cross Range (90 degrees)
  8. Standing Upright Drawing and Moving Forward 5 Paces to Engage a Target

The course assessment criteria covers both the theory and practical application of:

  1. Trigger Finger and Trigger Guard Position
  2. Handgun Safety Catch Operation
  3. Muzzle Direction
  4. Sweeping of the Body or Hand with Handgun Muzzle
  5. Muzzle Direction whilst Moving Around Barricades
  6. Muzzle Direction Whilst Moving To Engage Targets
  7. Finger on Trigger Whilst Moving Between Shoot Positions

Additional Resources

  1. IPSC Holster Safety Proficiency Course
  2. ICORE Holster Proficiency Course

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