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Oakleigh Pistol Club is located near Clayton shopping district, close to shops and restaurants. Our club rooms come with training facilities, shooters shop, licenced bar and even a billiard table. Facilities also include large car park, showers, outdoor seating area and BBQ.


OPC has 25 and 50 meter shooting ranges to accommodating handgun and rifle (pistol calibre and 22LR only) shooters. Members are encouraged to practice and are free to use club equipment as often as they’d like, including out of hours open access.


OPC is equipped for most shooting events. We have a vast range of equipment, including timers, ransom rest and action shooting props like walls, barricades and shooting ports. As well as steel gong targets, Texas Star, Dueling Tree, Falling Plate Rack, etc.


OPC has 4ร—25 meter shooting ranges, 3ร—50 meter ranges and an indoor Air Pistol range. We cater to pistols, practical (IPSC) shotgun and rifle (rimfire and pistol calibres) shooters. Including dedicated practical and action shooting ranges.

Ready, aim, join the fun!

Simpson Rd, Clayton South
Melbourne, VIC 3169

0418 477 392