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Single Action

Nice shootin’ Tex!

Western Action, also known as Single Action or Cowboy Action – a shooting discipline that embodies the spirit of Western movies. It’s a multifaceted shooting sport transports participants to the Old West, where they compete using firearms reminiscent of that era, including revolvers, pistol-caliber lever action rifles, and shotguns.

Western Action matches are made up of multiple stages, each offering a unique shooting scenario. And extends beyond the main stages, featuring side events like Fast Draw. And some variations, such as The Wild Bunch, introduce 1911 semi-automatic pistols of the era instead of single-action revolvers.

To fully embrace the spirit of the Old West, competitors adopt an alias with an Old West flair, registered to ensure uniqueness. Additionally, participants are required to don Old West or Victorian era style outfits and apparel, with safety equipment being the exception.

The competition itself includes various shooting scenarios, referred to as “stages,” reminiscent of layouts found in other practical shooting disciplines like IPSC pistols, rifles and shotguns. Each stage typically demands ten revolver rounds (with shooters carrying two single-action revolvers), nine or ten rifle rounds, and two to eight shotgun rounds. Targets consist of steel plates that ring when hit, and occasionally reactive targets like steel knockdown plates or clay birds are introduced.

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