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Service Pistols

The Service Pistol match is well over 50 years old. It was influenced by law enforcement activities and was the first of the matches to break away from the conventional one-handed shooting techniques used in more traditional disciplines.

There a a number of variations to these matches.

  • Service match (50 meters)
  • Service match 25 yards
  • Service match unrestricted
  • Classic (similar to Service 25, but uses vintage law enforcement and military pistols)

While the course of fire is similar or identical in some cases, there are some slight differences, such as, including variations in distance to targets, use of holsters, power of ammunition, calibres and barrel length.

Shooting is done on turning targets and throughout the course of fire shooters use different shooting positions such as prone, sitting, standing, from behind a barricade, while using both hands, together and individually. Including the ‘unsighted’ position where the handgun must be held below shoulder level.

Time sequences are as short as 4 seconds and several series require reloading during the time allowed, which makes this a very fun competition. As all series are in 6 round sequences, revolvers are equally well suited to the match as semi-automatic handguns.

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